Jobs and the Economy

Free market capitalism is the reason we have supermarkets (even in remote places like Wyoming) with shelves full of fresh food and everyday products people want with many options to choose from; it is why we have so many of the comforts of life we take for granted. Socialism results in shortages, inefficiencies, and fewer choices. I will fight socialism at every turn and will never forget what capitalism has done for America and her people.

Central planning stifles the function of markets, and does not lead to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Too many businesses, large and small, are being crushed by the regulations of the EPA, BLM, FCC, and IRS. Unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington D.C. have been given (or have outright taken) the lawmaking power that is supposed to be in the hands of the U.S. Congress who are elected and accountable to “We the People”. If we do not rein in these out of control federal agencies we will continue to lose our good paying jobs in the energy, agriculture and manufacturing industries. The states have a role to play and I will do what I can within the powers of the Wyoming and United States Constitutions to fight the job killing regulations that are of no benefit to anyone but special interest groups favored by progressive politicians.

We need to get the government out of the way so that the people can do what they do best — innovate, expand, and create new jobs. Government itself cannot create jobs, but it surely can kill them. Beware of the politician who promises jobs. Either they don’t understand how the private sector works, or they are pandering for votes. The only jobs they can create are more government jobs by growing the size of government or jobs for their well connected cronies who will use tax payer money for “economic development” on pet projects.

I vehemently oppose “Crony Capitalism”. Government should NOT be picking winners and losers. Politicians who use government to further their business interests pose a great threat to our freedom and our economy. It is corruption of the highest order and is responsible for people losing faith in government.

One of the greatest job killers of all is Obama-Care and its Trojan horse: Medicaid Expansion. I oppose both. Both take us in the direction of central planning and socialism; and that is the opposite direction we need to go.