One of the greatest job killers of all is Obama-Care and its Trojan horse: Medicaid Expansion. I oppose both. Both take us in the direction of central planning and socialism; and that is the opposite direction we need to go.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
We need Health Care Reform and it must start with the full repeal of Obama-Care. Specifically, we need to open insurance markets across state lines, expand Health Savings Accounts, and make health insurance and employment no longer linked together. Transparency of prices, eliminating fraud, regulatory reform, and unleashing the free market will drive health care costs down. It has worked before, and it is how America’s health care system became the envy of the world before the government got involved.

Simply mandating that everyone have an insurance policy will not guarantee everyone quality health care and it is the wrong approach. Health Insurance and Health Care are two completely different things that many people get confused. Look no further than our Canadian neighbors, Europe, or even our own Indian Health and VA services to see examples of rationing of care, long waits, and poor quality care. We can, and should do better. We can still provide for our most vulnerable and needy without handing over the entire health care industry to the government to run, because we know how poorly they run things.

It was free market capitalism, not government, that gave us the state of the art medical equipment and life saving pharmaceuticals we have also taken for granted. It is free market capitalism, that when unleashed, will provide the lowest cost and highest quality health care possible.

Last Modified on June 12, 2016
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