Energy and The Environment

Wyoming has been blessed with an abundance of riches when it comes to natural resources. Our state and local economies depend largely on the energy industry; therefore we must not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Instead, we must work to protect Wyoming’s energy interests and advance free trade of our energy to markets worldwide.

Natural Resources
Natural Resources
Coal is still the cheapest way to heat our homes and power our factories and deliver electricity to our homes and businesses. Wyoming clean coal still has a role to play in our country and in developing countries around the world. I will fight to keep our coal mines open and our miners working. “The War on Coal” has caused unthinkable hardships on innocent, hardworking families and has even destroyed entire communities in Appalachia, while parts of our state hang in the balance. Wyoming will never surrender, and the outright tyranny of the EPA and the Obama Administration must be stopped.

Man-made Global Warming is NOT settled science and is nothing but a way for the progressives and their green energy cronies to drive fossil fuel companies out of business. It has been said, if Democrats could find a way to tax the air they would; well with the “Climate Change” movement they have figured it out! They can now tax and regulate carbon dioxide which is a vital part of our atmosphere that plants need to survive.

Oil and Gas is near and dear to my heart as I have spent my entire career in this industry. I have felt the pain of the crash in oil prices personally as have thousands of Wyoming families.

We must not turn our back on coal, oil and natural gas; we must keep our taxes low and regulations fair and practical so when commodity prices recover, Wyoming will again see tremendous economic growth and job opportunities for our families.