Domestic Violence & Edible Marijuana

November 14, 2017 – As a member of the Joint  Judiciary Committee Representative Bo Biteman speaks out on some of the topics to be discussed, Domestic Violence and Edible Marijuana. Representative Biteman’s audio is provided here on each topic. …Read Article: Domestic Violence Edible Marijuana

Criminal Justice

Morning Show with Representative Bo Biteman (Member House Judiciary) …Biteman is seeking to work with cellular phone companies allowing victims of Domestic Violence to opt out of a contract with the abuser and to establish a new agreement. …The rising rate of incarceration, along with the structural problems plaguing the State Penitentiary in Rawlins is […]

Town Hall – Oct 2017

Biteman, address budget issues at town hall meeting DAYTON — Rep. Bo Biteman, R-Ranchester, emphasized his position against raising taxes on Wyoming residents until budget cuts have been implemented and the state’s savings have been utilized effectively. …Following the Town Hall Representative Biteman received many compliments from the audience in appreciation for doing such a […]

Financial Picture

Representative Bo Biteman was a recent guest on talk show Public Pulse, re/ the State’s financial picture. Topics we discussed are below: Comparing the 2004 budget to the 2017 Supplemental we just did. We discussed three state agencies where spending has increased substantially. Listen to audio here. …Under the “State’s Financial Picture” and “since 2004“