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Articles of Interest:

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On March 14, 2017 Governor Mead vetoed House Enrolled Act 107 (original House Bill 137) the Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act. In his letter to Secretary of State Murray, the governor explained the reasons for the veto were that the bill was “murky” and subject to interpretation, and that the bill removes local authorities’ ability to regulate firearm possession in government meetings. HB137 passed both the House (47-13) and Senate (20-10) with veto-proof majorities. Read More

We are blessed to live in a state marked by its natural beauty and where the pioneer spirit is still alive and well. It is a place like no other, with people like no other who will help a neighbor or a complete stranger in need.Read More

ACU Foundation rated Representative Biteman in the 2017 Wyoming House Session – 95%.. Like our Congressional Ratings, which date back 46 years, these ratings are meant to reflect how elected officials view the role of government in an individual’s life. We begin with our philosophy (conservatism is the political philosophy that sovereignty resides in the person) and then apply our understanding of government (its essential role is to defend life, liberty and property).Read More