Jul 7, 2017JUST RELEASED: ACUF’s 2017 Wyoming State Ratings. ACU Foundation rated Representative Biteman in the 2017 Wyoming House Session – 95%. Like our Congressional Ratings, which date back 46 years, these ratings are meant to reflect how elected officials view the role of government in an individual’s life. We begin with our philosophy (conservatism is the political philosophy that sovereignty resides in the person) and then apply our understanding of government (its essential role is to defend life, liberty and property). Read More

I am a constitutional conservative my platform is fiscal responsibility, limited government, federalism, and individual rights. This election is going to be about giving the people of House District 51 the opportunity to send someone to the capital who shares their values and understands what local families are going through. I work in the oil and gas industry as a Certified Professional Landman and my family is living firsthand the economic downturn in the oil and gas industry.

Thanks to Mark Wilson for the great interview this morning on the KBBS morning show! We discussed tonight’s town hall & much more.
“I want to be able to look my children in the eyes and tell them that I did everything I possibly could do to turn things around and fight for the future they deserve. There are a growing number of conservatives in the house that need reinforcements to put up a fight against the more liberal, do-nothing establishment. We need to get the feds off our backs and we need new leaders who are not afraid to take a stand. The people of Sheridan County and across Wyoming want jobs back, regulations lifted, and the federal government out of their bedrooms, bathrooms, pulpits, and schools. We also want them to keep their hands off our guns, land, property and freedom.”

I believe, there needs to be a change in the way legislators approach the state budget. “For a decade or so, Wyoming legislators have had the luxury of tremendous revenue flowing in from our booming energy industry and have spent lavishly. Now that we are faced with drastically reduced revenue from the energy sector, we are in danger of career politicians taking the easy way out by raising our taxes instead of making the tough budget decisions to get our government back down to size.” Raising taxes on seniors on fixed incomes and families who are already hurting will add insult to injury and that is not an option.

In the News:

October 13, 2017Biteman, address budget issues at town hall meeting
Following the Town Hall Representative Biteman received many compliments from the audience in appreciation for doing such a great job and fulfilling his promises to the people.

October 13, 2017 –  Morning Show with Representativfe Bo Biteman (Member House Judiciary)

Audio (1)
Domestic Violence.
Audio (2)
Criminal Justice Reform in WY (part 1)
Audio (3)
Criminal Justice Reform in WY (part 2)

June 30, 2017 – Representative Bo Biteman a recent guest on our news talk show Public Pulse, re/ the State’s financial picture.

July 4, 2017 – Representative Bo Biteman says that he’s not in favor of raising taxes to make up for the shortfall in revenues.

May 2, 2017Representative Bo Biteman told News 13, “There’s a lot of resistance still on you know, philosophically on drug offenses. “

Feb 7, 2017 – This session, while tax-increases have struggled, bills to allow guns in more places and restrict abortions have passed the House after intense debate but with wide voting margins. Two gun bills were brought by Rep. Bo Biteman (R, HD-51, Sheridan), who also signed the no-new-taxes pledge. One bill, to allow concealed carry on university campuses, passed 40 to 19.

Another, to repeal gun free zones at government meetings, passed 47 to 13.Biteman told WyoFile he would “probably carry” a gun to future legislative sessions if his bills pass the Senate and he gets re-elected. He described himself as a constitutional conservative with libertarian tendencies. On certain issues, Biteman said, he sees a block of “like-minded” lawmakers. Wyofile

I will:

  • Fight to protect and defend the Constitution
  • Vote to stop wasteful spending and will work to repair our state budget
  • Vote against legislation that will raise taxes and limit freedom
  • Vote against legislation that increases government control
  • Treat all of my constituents with dignity and respect
  • Fight for Wyoming’s coal industry and for economic freedom

I Believe In:

  • Limited, Constitutional, Representative Government
  • State and Individual Sovereignty
  • Free Markets and Capitalism
  • Self Reliance
  • Respect for the Rule of Law
  • Respect for Private Property Rights
  • Fiscal Discipline, Integrity, & Transparency

In the words of Ronald Reagan, ‘This is a Time for Choosing’, so I am asking the voters to choose a new way forward for a brighter future for Wyoming.”